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  • This automation finds an "Original" frame, then duplicates and resizes it based on the amount of items and included properties from a source array. It then arranges the duplicates and the original into a grid based on user input values (items per row and distance apart). You'll need to set the element constraints in the source frame, and if you want to adjust the number of items / names of items dig into the {{sourceArray}} Useful for quickly visualizing how a design might look in different sizes (multiple media units or responsive layouts for example). Inputs: Source frame: the name of the "original" frame to duplicated Items per row: the number of items in each row of the grid to be created Distance apart: the distance between each item in the row (used in column calculation too) Source array: [ { "itemName": "iPhone14Pro", "itemWidth": 393, "itemHeight": 852 }, ... } Credits: This automation uses the Grid-Maker logic by Bred ( for the arrangement. Thanks Bred! Image credit:

    Asset Resizer

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